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Usine grande tableFrom the beginning and for the following eight years, the Water-Gate was manufactured by a sub-contractor. Since 2007, because of the ever increasing demand, manufacturing of this superior-quality product has been done by Industry Vitex, a subsidiary of MegaSecur Environmental Security.

All products are manufactured from technical drawings to guarantee the fabrication’s uniformity. The uniqueness of this product allows the Water-Gate barrier to be the safest. Each barrier is individually and rigorously inspected, each manufacturing step is noted in a registry and a unique serial number is affixed to it.

Today, MegaSecur Environmental Security enjoys an enviable reputation and is considered to be one of the leaders in environmental security.

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MegaSecur Environmental Security is the main distributor of the Water-Gate barrier, used in dozens of countries; to control floods, do aquatic works, make water reserves, retrieve pollutants, deviate polluted fire water, etc.

With more than 2 500 satisfied customers to this day, MegaSecur Environmental Security expects to bring its products even further. Our ultimate goal is to protect people all over the world and become the world leader in environmental security.

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