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MegaSecur Environmental Security is known worldwide as the manufacturer and distributor of the Water-Gate since 1998.

Our mission: to become the main and global manufacturer of anti-flood emergency spill response systems. At MegaSecur, we are committed to providing our customers with superior quality products and services. Our management and our products are based on innovation and safety. The Water-Gate barrier is your best ally; quick, easy, simple to use, cost effective and reusable. High standards, our commitment; your safety is our priority.

We provide flood mitigation to a variety of industries such as; residential, industrial, commercial, medical, educational, governmental, military, sports, recreational and more.

Our leading position in the market will remain and will even grow in the upcoming years thanks to our international distribution network. MegaSecur Environmental Security values quality and environmental protection as an integral part of our actions. We have established strict rules while implementing of our quality control system and developing our plant layout.

Our FM Approved certification by FM Approvals confirms our commitment to manufacturing high-end products.

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