Spill Response

Fast response to spill incident

First responders need devices that will block or limit the spread of spill incidents rapidly.  When dealing with hydrocarbon or chemical pollutants, confining these on land or in water courses require tools to dike, contain, deviate or dam a stream, ditch or small river. The speed and simplicity of deployment of the Water-Gate spill barrier make it an essential for the majority of HAZMAT incidents dealing with water. When using this unique and solid emergency spill response equipment, overflow and underflow dams are now performed easily and rapidly like never before. In urban area, digging a dike or diverting a flow of contaminated firewater or an oil leak is instantly managed with Water-Gate portable dams.

The Water-Gate’s WA and WT Series have retention heights from 15” (38 cm) to 60” (1,5 m). These heights quickly and efficiently contain or limit spreading of the pollutants while blocking the water flow. The first responders now have an intervention tool that is easy to carry in remote areas. Thanks to the release holes on the bottom part of the WT Series, underflow dams are now made quick and easy without requesting additional material or great manpower. May it be in small brooks or swift streams, perfect interventions area are created upstream allowing the installation of skimmers, sorbents, absorbent booms or efficient use of vacuum units. Megasecur spill wall limits the recovery zone and makes for an easier, more efficient and economical clean-up.

Water-Gate: WT, WA and WL Series

Multiples applications:

  • Damming a stream / blocking a spill;
  • Containment or confinement;
  • Deviation;
  • Pollutant interception;
  • Ease to recuperate;
  • Protection of eventual spills;
  • Prevention;
  • Allows intervention in small brooks, rivers, ditches, channels or urban areas.

Benefits of our products

  • Incident Management

    The Water-Gate barrier is used as the first line of defense tool in shallow water or ditches. It quickly creates an intervention area where toxic chemicals are confined.

  • A quick and efficient response tool

    The Water-Gate installation automatically becomes an underflow dam and/or deviation dam that can contain a spill in minutes. The response time and manpower required are greatly reduced thanks to its simple installation.

  • Fast deployment

    Simply unroll the barrier, unfold the first fold and let the water accumulate. The water pressure will open and keep the barrier in place no matter what kind of surface it lays upon.

  • Simplicity

    The barrier does not need to be filled with water or air nor does it need to be anchored. No heavy machinery is required to transport or install the barriers (models with heights of 26"/67 cm or less). Many barriers of different models and heights can be combined together thanks to our double Velcro attachment system.

  • Underflow dam

    The WT Series is equipped with release holes on the bottom portion. The opening and closing of these 4.5" (11,5 cm) holes allow you to control the water level upstream where the pollutants are held. With our antipollution barrier, the use of skimmer is now possible in small brooks. Furthermore, using the Water-Gate maximizes the efficiency and facilitate the usage of skimmers and floating barriers.

  • Lightweight & Compact

    Easy to carry in remote areas. Takes very little space in intervention vehicles.

  • Ecological

    The use of the barriers will not affect the aquatic natural habitat. It was developed in collaboration with the environmental authorities and satisfies their criteria.


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