Flood control

Fast response to flood control

To limit damages from a flash flood or prevent flooding of a shore, a street or a block, it’s essential to cover long distances in just minutes with the most efficient and simple tool. MegaSecur has developed an expertise thanks to its Water-Gate, a fast deployable portable flood barrier sold in sections of 30’ (9,1 m) or 50’ (15,2 m) that can be joined together and/or curved to the desired angle. The possibility to purchase them already pre-attached in our fast-deployment crate makes it possible to intervene in minutes when time counts the most.

The costs related to damages by a flood can be quite important in urban areas, the flood control barrier is convenient to protect underground garages, houses or buildings. MegaSecur has developed two series of barriers (WL-WP) with several retention heights making it possible to respond to different situations and budgets, the perfect tool for flood control.

Water-Gate: WL Series

  • Protects against floods and flash floods;
  • Deviates storm-water or firewater;
  • Controls water without affecting traffic during fire hydrant maintenance;
  • Portable flood barrier;
  • All season water-main breakwater deviation tool.

Benefits of our products

  • Fast deployment

    When a flash flood hits, the response time is crucial. Fast and easy to use, the Water-Gate is your best ally. Simply unroll the barrier, unfold the first fold and let the water accumulate. The water pressure will open and keep the barrier in place no matter what kind of surface it lays upon. Furthermore, this barrier can be deployed even after the flash flood has begun.

  • Flexibility and free access when deployed

    The barrier will not be affected by circulation and will adapt to all surfaces. Its flexibility allows it to make 90-degree interior or exterior angles when a circular protection is required. Once installed, the barrier will not barricade you inside.

  • Simplicity

    The barrier does not need to be filled with water or air nor does it need to be anchored. No heavy machinery is required to transport or install the barriers (models with heights of 26"/67 cm or less). Many barriers of different models and heights can be combined together thanks to our double Velcro attachment system.

  • Little workforce necessary

    The Water-Gate barrier can be transported and installed by one person in just minutes (models with heights of 26"/67 cm or less). The bigger formats can be installed with less than 4 persons.

  • Lightweight

    Compared to other systems on the market, the Water-Gate is lighter since it's sold empty and available in sections of 30' (9,1 m) or 50' (15,2 m) long.

  • Certification and security standards

    Our FM Approved certification by FM Approvals for the 39" (1 m) to 60" (1,5 m) models confirms our commitment to manufacturing high-quality products. We are now part of the National Flood Barrier Testing & Certification Program, the most recognized certification in our industry.

  • Ecological

    Most of the time, sandbags can only be used once; in comparison, our barriers can be used several times over many years. Furthermore, since PVC is a recyclable polymer, they may be recycled after reaching the end of their life cycle.

  • Stability

    The Water-Gate will remain stable no matter the length, the direction of current (front, lateral or backflow) or slope of the terrain. No risk of slipping or need of anchoring.

  • Tightness

    The Water-Gate guarantees an excellent tightness thanks to the ballasting system and the water's vertical thrust, avoiding water infiltration.

  • Adapts to all terrain

    Mound, ditch, sidewalk, staircase, garage slope... The terrain doesn't need to be flat.

  • Fits over obstacles

    The Water-Gate can go over obstacles/objects. The water's vertical thrust will put pressure on the fabric which will follow the form of the object, avoiding water infiltration.

  • Adapts to all types of ground

    Asphalt, grass, gravel, sand, self-locking tiles, paving stones, tiles...

  • Choc resistant

    The Water-Gate anti-flood barrier was designed with flexible material that will absorb the choc of incoming objects without being torn or becoming unstable.


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