Emergency Response

Rapid response to flash flood | Fire protection water supply

The flood barrier has many applications in emergency response situations and is used by fire departments, public works personnel and search and rescue teams.

When a water main breaks, the water pours down the street, spreading through the smallest spaces causing damages to public and private goods. MegaSecur has developed a solution that is especially adapted to this situation, the Water-Gate flood barrier; it can be deployed in an instant and allows you to redirect the water to a sewer or other available area.

The Water-Gate barrier can also be used as a dam, it lets you make a reliable water supply, natural suction points, from any small debit creek in less than 5 minutes without any risk of the personnel, material or environment.

On certain occasions, the search and rescue teams will use the Water-Gate barrier to dry out a stream allowing them to search for clues or proofs otherwise unattainable.

The Water-Gate barrier can be used as a flash flood response tool and can be installed even if flooding has already begun.

Water-Gate: WA and WL Series

  • Water main break;
  • Emergency application;
  • Prevention of overflow or discharge;
  • Aquatic works, culvert replacement;
  • Replaces sandbags;
  • Create a water supply, natural suction points, from a small creek;
  • Optimizes existing tools;
  • Reduces environmental impact.

Benefits of our products

  • Better usage of the waterbody

    Allows you to use the nearest available water to create a water reserve and avoid the usage of drinking water.

  • Fast deployment

    Simply unroll the barrier, unfold the first fold and let the water accumulate. The water pressure will open and keep the barrier in place no matter what kind of surface it lays upon.

  • Simplicity

    The barrier does not need to be filled with water or air nor does it need to be anchored. No heavy machinery is required to transport or install the barriers (models with heights of 26"/67 cm or less). Many barriers of different models and heights can be combined together thanks to our double Velcro attachment system.

  • Reusable and low maintenance

    The shelf life of the Water-Gate barrier is 10 to 15 years and may even reach 20 years if proper maintenance is done after each use. Simply rinse the barrier with fresh water to eliminate any dirt and debris accumulations and hang to dry. Once the barrier is completely dry, simply fold and put it back in its carrying bag away from UV rays for future use.

  • Ecological

    The barrier will not affect the aquatic natural habitat. It was developed in collaboration with environmental authorities and satisfies their criteria. Most of the time, sandbags can only be used once; in comparison, our barriers can be used several times over many years. Furthermore, since PVC is a recyclable polymer, they may be recycled after reaching the end of their life cycle.


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