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MegaSecur specially developed Water-Gate mobile barriers which are used as a cofferdam allowing to put dry or channel a stream or a pond in minutes and making it possible to excavate, install, or clean. The WA Series of the Water-Gate barrier provides a safer environment, quality work and time-saving during the installation of a culvert or any other work.

  • Replace sandbags;
  • Create a dam or a temporary barrier;
  • Quickly canalize a current;
  • Dry out a portion of a channel;
  • Can be installed on any type of surface.

An instant cofferdam

The WA Water-Gate Serie is an innovative tool to rapidly block the water flow in a ditch, a river or a canal when there is a need to create a dry zone. It is a temporary measure for dewatering a site, used as a cofferdam when doing work in a water course or a concrete channel.

Perfect alternative to sandbags

The WA water-Gate barrier efficiently replaces sandbags and temporary structures made with traditional materials like earth, wood, metal. Compared with filled tube type it is faster and easier to install and dismantle and less subject to puncture. The Water-Gate can overtop without affecting the integrity of the dam, it will not collapse or move. (Consult our users guide for complete information on limitations).

Mobile, Adaptable and Multipurpose solution

The Water-Gate units for dewatering purpose are convenient for work like bridge repair, culvert changes or repair, excavation or landfill work in water environments, pipeline stream crossing, river bank restoration, cement pouring, dredging work in a canal, lock maintenance, and much more. It is also convenient for ecologists, surveyors, geologists, environmental technicians working in aquatic environment to partially or completely block a stream or river channels, they are also effective to simply deviate water flow.

The Water-Gate can be installed on any type of surface, is flexible and will adapt to the bottom material on which it is installed.  The design uses the pressure that the water exerts on the bottom canvas to limit infiltrations and thus offers an excellent sealing and stability.  A weir/diverter and tube are available to channel the overflow of the blocked stream or ditch downstream over a work site or downhill to a selected zone.

Quick and Easy installation

The speedy and easy installation/removal of a Water-Gate barrier makes it a favored tool for regular and/or occasional user. Contact our sales representative for support and feasibility.

Benefits of our products

  • Fast deployment

    Simply unroll the barrier, unfold the first fold and let the water accumulate. The water pressure will open and keep the barrier in place no matter what kind of surface it lays upon.

  • Simplicity

    The barrier does not need to be filled with water or air nor does it need to be anchored. No heavy machinery is required to transport or install the barriers (models with heights of 26"/67 cm or less). Many barriers of different models and heights can be combined together thanks to our double Velcro attachment system.

  • Weir

    The weir and the polyethylene transition channel can be installed on the Water-Gate barrier allowing you to redirect water downstream making a dry out area. This system replaces a high flow pump and evacuates up to 1200 Canadian gallons per minute (90 liters/second).

  • Reusable and low maintenance

    The shelf life of the Water-Gate barrier is 10 to 15 years and may even reach 20 years if proper maintenance is done after each use. Simply rinse the barrier with fresh water to eliminate any dirt and debris accumulations and hang to dry. Once the barrier is completely dry, simply fold and put it back in its carrying bag away from UV rays for future use.

  • Ecological

    The barrier will not affect the aquatic natural habitat. It was developed in collaboration with environmental authorities and satisfies their criteria. Most of the time, sandbags can only be used once; in comparison, our barriers can be used several times over many years. Furthermore, since PVC is a recyclable polymer, they may be recycled after reaching the end of their life cycle.


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