Besançon’s Republic Bridge now Centennial Flood Ready

Besançon – France

Case Study

The “Boucle de Besançon” is now completely protected against a possible centennial flood. Even though several measures were taken to protect the city, the Republic Bridge remained a problem as the water could flow over the bridge’s deck after a certain height. Since the Republic Street is at a lower level, the water could overpass, accumulate and cause flooding.

You may watch the demonstration video by following this link :

Water-Gate®, a simple, low cost, self-deployable temporary flood barrier was the solution. All there is to do is to unroll, unfold and let the water flow do the rest of the work, it’s that easy.

They looked at different options but the Water-Gate® was the best solution since it could be put in place in minutes and only when they actually need it.

Besançon has joined others such as Denmark and the United Kingdom in protecting their population at a lower cost. Local residents will now be able to stock goods in their basements.

(Text freely and partially translated from an article published in the Est Republican newspaper on June 26th 2016. Some pictures are also from the newspaper article.)

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