Emergency Spill Response

Jean-Lesage International Airport – Quebec, Canada

Case Study

Jean-Lesage International Airport is the second busiest passenger airport in Quebec after the Montreal-Trudeau Airport. It relies on a highly qualified team of sixteen firefighters, four captains, and one department manager. The department comprises four 5-person teams and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to responding to aircraft emergencies, the department’s firefighters act as first responders for airport building fires, first-aid calls, fuel spills, vehicle accidents, and any other emergency occurring on the airport property.

Several specialized is available to the airport’s fire department such as; aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle, Waltek trucks, multipurpose vehicle, spill van with recovery equipment, transportation van to carry stretchers and other first-aid equipment to accident sites. They are also equipped with 3 Water-Gate® dams since 2009.

The spill trailer contains absorbents and other specialized equipment as well as:

  • One WT-2825 containment and underflow dam for potential oil, fuels and coolant spill operations in ditches or streams. This dam is efficient in water mixed material in wet or dry conditions;
  • One WA-2130 for diking and containment in ditches;

These two units can be joined together for a larger zone or in a sequence for backup installation.

Another emergency vehicle carries

  • One WL-0630 for diverting or blocking flowing liquids on any type of ground.

With these acquisitions, the YQB Fire Department is now well equipped to manage potential spills in the water bodies, on the airport strip as well as its surrounding areas.

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