-- rapid deployment --

deployment crates - Caissons

Flood deployment crates - Rapid intervention Water-Gate flood barriers can be supplied pre-joined in deployment crates for fast deployment, enabling maximum efficiency in time and manpower. The deployment crates enable covering long distances within a few minutes. This low-cost solution is simply...

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-- high flow pumps alternative --

Portable weir flow control - déversoir - évacuateur de crue - canal de dérivation - eau -

The portable weir  - an ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION to PUMPS  Designed to channel the water. The weir, also known as a spillway or transition duct is entirely made of unbreakable polyethylene. They are installed on top of the water barrier and allow you to manage the water surplus downstream while...

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-- low seepage rate --

lestage - MegaSecur

The ballasting bag was designed to create a uniform weight throughout the length of the barrier conforming it to the shape of the terrain on which it lays. Quick to unroll and evenly distributing the weight, it’s available in a 10 feet (3m) long roll weighing 30 pounds (13.5kg). It...

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