-- sandbags alternative --

flood control and protection systems - barrages anti-inondation

Water-gate flood control and protection systems are designed to instantly control, protect and prevent flooding issues. Essentially, a single Water-Gate flood control and protection systems ares equivalent to 770 sandbags. They are eco-friendly, reusable, modular and can protect up to 6 feet...

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-- temporary cofferdams --

temporary cofferdams - Travaux aquatiques -

Temporary cofferdams are sometimes needed when working in areas under water. Water-Gate temporary cofferdams are used to isolate and temporarily dry a work area to ensure the safety of workers. They are versatile and very simple to use. Many users consider is to be the fastest and safer temporary...

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Oil / Hazmat spill response

-- underflow dam --

emergency spill response - système anti-déversement toxique -

Spill control - Emergency spill response  In every toxic spill situations, an emergency spill response is quickly needed to prevent damages. Indeed, usually the result of an accident, a toxic spill occurs when a hazardous substance is released in an area where contamination may be harmful to the...

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