• Barrage solution - protection anti inondation WaterGate
  • Prévention inondation - un équipement de premoir pour la protection des inondation
  • Inondation Printemps 2017 - Québec, Gatineau, Canada
  • Prévention inondation - sécurité - intervention sécuritaire en milieu hydrique
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  • Travaux barrage sécuritaire
  • Arreter-inondation-avec-barrage-d'eau-watergate-megasecur
  • Arreter-inondation-avec-barrage-d'eau-watergate-megasecur
  • Barrage solution - protection anti inondation WaterGate
  • prévention des inondation
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  • Protection des batiments en zone inondable
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  • Barrage solution - protection anti inondation WaterGate
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  • Barrage solution - protection anti inondation WaterGate
  • Inondation - protection résidentielle
  • Water-Gate.com
  • Dégats d'eau inondation
  • Barrage solution - protection anti inondation WaterGate
  • Barrage solution - protection anti inondation WaterGate
  • Inondation causée par la pluie et la neige fondante - barrage de protection anti inondation WaterGate
  • intervention sécuritaire en milieu urbain


Water-gate flood control and protection systems are designed to instantly control, protect and prevent flooding issues. Essentially, a single Water-Gate flood control and protection systems ares equivalent to 770 sandbags. They are eco-friendly, reusable, modular and can protect up to 6 feet high.

Flooding, a blight on humanity

Climate change and flooding disturb and disrupt the entire planet. In addition to being a major stress for the parties concerned, recently recorded global flooding has caused significant material and financial damage and resulted in several hundred deaths.

In most cases, flooding occurs when the amount of water in a river rises, reaches full height and then overflows onto the banks. The factors that cause flooding can be grouped into the following three categories:

  1. Direct submersion floods: Direct submersion floods occur as a result of intense or sustained precipitation. They encompass all fluvial (rivers), pluvial (rain), undersea earthquakes (tsunamis in coastal zones), cyclones, hurricanes, and other flood types. In general, overflow occurs when the water level in a river rises to the point that the water overflows onto the banks and spreads into the floodplain.
    Cold-climate countries are susceptible to snowmelt floods (also called freshets) caused by a melting snowpack flooding a river’s catchment area or a dam rupturing from an accumulation of ice.
  2. Flooding by runoff water accumulation: Flooding by runoff water accumulation occurs when the soil is unable to absorb the surface water, also called groundwater. Rainwater stagnates, accumulates, and ultimately causes flooding. This phenomenon is a result of soil sealing (hard landscaping) associated with various construction projects (buildings, roads, parking lots, etc.). Sewer backups may also cause flooding. According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, “Frequently, the runoff after a heavy rain will exceed the transport capacity of the sewer system, causing the water to flow back into the system and leading to the flooding of basements and roads.” Taken from the official Environment and Climate Change Canada website (translated from French to English – unofficial English translation). See the full article here (in French only).
  3. Indirect submersion floods: Flooding by indirect submersion occurs when water infiltrates cracks in the ground and accumulates following heavy rainfall or an accumulation of rain. This situation is referred to as groundwater flooding.

Water-Gate flood control and protection systems, since 1998!

Water-Gate flood dams are used worldwide and enable to save both time and money. Our know-how and years of expertise results in your immediate success! Feel free to contact us for an evaluation of your situation.

Water-Gate solution

Multi use

In urban environments, the Water-Gate flood protection dam is very suitable with underground garages, homes, government buildings, malls or other types of protection. Its lightweight eases very much emergency interventions in rural or hard-to-reach areas.

Save time and money

On average, the time required to install a medium-sized barrier is less than five (5) minutes. Considering the time and effort it takes to install sandbags and other systems our system is much more practical and effective. It deploys with the incoming water and does not completely limit the traffic to the protected area.

The Water-Gate™ solution

MegaSecur™ has designed portable cofferdams that can be used to dry or divert watercourses and ponds. Compared with other systems, the Water-Gate™ WA Series is faster to install/dismantle and less prone to punctures. The barrier remains stable and secure even when there are water overflows. The Water-Gate™ WA Series can be deployed in mere minutes and requires no additional hardware for installation or dismantling, reducing the risk of contamination from mechanical parts (grease, oil, concrete, fuel, etc.).

With Water-Gate™ WA Series barriers, the cofferdam can be installed without harming the environment. Once the work is done, the water resumes its natural flow, and the site is left intact and in its natural state.


The Water-Gate barriers can perfectly be joined together, which essentially allows for connecting together different models and sizes.



Several sizes available

In order to conform with different budgets, MegaSecur has developed several models with different retention height and length. All the barriers are customizable according to the client’s needs.


The Water-Gate barrier molds itself to the shape of the terrain, thus making possible interventions in rocky soil or uneven surfaces.

No equipment needed

The Water-Gate barrier is a turnkey solution, ready to be used from its delivery. No water filling, no air inflation or anchoring is required. Simply unroll the barrier, unfold the front side and let the water accumulates inside.

No maintenance costs

After using the barrier, simply rinse it with a pressure washer and a suitable disinfectant. Once the barrier is completely dry, simply fold it back and place it back in its storage bag or deployment crate for future use. Avoid long-term exposure to UV rays.

No compromise

The Water-Gate barrier is flexible enough to create inner or external corners and most type of configurations. In addition, once deployed, the barriers will not lock you in and the set-up will not prevent crossing over. Walkers and motorists can move freely in both directions, whether it is before, during or after the barrier is deployed.

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