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Experiencing some flooding issues?

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Flooding issues? Choose the Water-Gate solution.

While the river’s water level increases every day, some resident and municipalities have taken the initiative to purchase a Water-Gate barrier to prevent flooding issues – A good way to get some peace of mind.

This is what Maurice Lavigne did to prevent his home from flooding along the Lincoln Road, near Fredericton, NB.

In an interview with CBC/Radio-Canada, he asserted this: “If I had water in my walk-in basement, it would cost me a lot more money, time and aggravation to get it fixed. This product Is a lot better than sandbags because you can deploy within 20 [or] 25 minutes.”.

a water barrier to prevent flooding issues
“I think I have the only one [in the city], if not the only one in New Brunswick,” Maurice Lavigne.

Read the complete testimonial here.

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Prevention is better than cure:

Water-Gate barriers can be installed easily and enable to retain up to 6 ft high. No anchoring nor filling is required. These water barriers are FM Approved, which guarantees exceptional quality and efficiency. This first response equipment is reusable and its lifespan ranges between 20-25 years. Stay away from flooding issues, every time and everywhere you go.


Spring 2018

Several rivers in New Brunswick have high water levels. This is the case of the Edmundston River, Madawaska River, Trout River, Iroquois River and St. John River.

The spring floods in 2017 have caused a lot of damage and outrage, with some people still staying at the hotel a year after the events.


Experiencing some flooding issues?

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