Our factory

MegaSecur Head office is located at 940-A Pierre-Roux Boulevard East in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada. Our factory is a little more than 560.000 square feet.

Several dozens full‑time employees take great pride in manufacturing the world’s best flexible and self-locking barriers.


In our factory, your safety is our number one priority!

At MegaSecur, quality is of the utmost importance. All of our products are manufactured from engineering drawings to ensure consistency. Every barrier undergoes a rigorous inspection, all manufacturing steps are entered into a log, and the barriers are each assigned a unique serial number.

The quality control guidelines at our factory are based on strict rules. We expect both suppliers and collaborators to maintain high-quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Beware of imitations

Though various brands have developed flagrant imitations of our products, we firmly believe that none of these competitors can claim to have the same quality or performance standards as the Water-Gate water barrier. The fruit of many years of trial and error, our manufacturing secrets are extremely well guarded.

We are currently working on a comparative document that will bring to light the reasons that make our product the best solution. Visit our blog for the latest news and articles.

Beware of imitations, and when in doubt, please contact us.

You can’t put a price on safety!

MegaSecur Head Office - Victoriaville, Canada