How to schedule a demonstration with a Representative?

Our advisors can move throughout all around the world depending on their projects and availability. Please feel free to contact us for a comprehensive evaluation of your project.

Is it possible to join different barrier together?
Yes, all Water-Gate water barriers can be joined together regardless of the size or the model, with the exception of the WL-0630 which can only be joined to other WL-0630 barriers. It is recommended to join barriers when dry.
How the dam deploys?

When a flash flood occurs, response time is critical. The Water‑Gate flood dam can be quickly and easily deployed in three easy steps. The design uses the weight of the incoming floodwater to deploy and stabilize itself. Water enters and accumulates at the bottom of the barrier as the water level rises, causing the barrier to unfold and swell. The water pressure will open the dam and keep it in place, regardless of the nature of the terrain beneath the dam.

Step 1: Unroll the barrier. Step 2: Unfold the first fold. Step 3: Allow the water to accumulate inside.

It is as simple as that.


Can the dam retain a mudflow?

Yes, any flood carries a more or less quantity of sediment.

Mud does not modify the dam stability or efficiency, even in large quantities.


Is the dam resistant to impacts (waves, winds, objects, etc.)?

Yes, the barrier is incredibly resilient and was designed to resist different waves, winds, and objects in the water. It absorbs the energy collision and returns to its original shape.

The wave movement can cause a slight overflow. Resistance to waves and impacts has been tested by the US Army.  Watch the video here.

What is the typical lifetime of a Water-Gate dam?

The average life span of a WaterGate flood protection barrier is between 20 and 25 years.

Are the Water-Gate barriers available for rent?

We have limited stock for this use.

Please contact us to consider this possibility.


Do you offer international delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery service worldwide for our product range.


What about the seepage rate?

The WL barrier has a weighted ballast bag that is sewn directly onto the front bib. This ballast bag creates a uniform weight across the length of the dam and molds to the shape of the terrain to limit seepage.

The seepage feature depends on two factors:

  • The soil condition (the smoother the soil the better the watertighness)
  • The draining effect (important for the long-term floods).

Watertightness increases with the flood height and the pressure exerted by the liquid on the floor fabric. The leakage rate is less than 1.06 Gallon (U.S) per min. and per linear meter on the smooth floor (concrete type). If this leakage rate is considered to be too great, it is possible to reduce it considerably by spreading under the leading edge a seal of mastic or silicone cartridge type, or natural products of molasses type


What is the maximum retention level?

It all depends on the model you choose. We provide barriers from 6-79 inches.

The dam is effective from the first inch of water.


Who are your Customers?

MegaSecur is proud to meet the needs of a vast and diversified Customers.

Our products are dedicated to Public institutions, municipalities, cities, firefighters, emergency responders, civil security, and other first responders, military forces/Army, large companies, SMEs, Very small business. Resident associations, individuals and more.


Does the barrier need a minimal flood height to work?

There is no minimal height. The barrier works from the first water centimeter.

It is the water pressure that causes the dam to open and not the flow or the flood speed.

Why do we strongly recommend to complete the training?

As with most industrial products, the lack of clear information or recommendations of use from the manufacturer generally contributes to under-utilisation or disappointing performance. The e-Learning was made in the aim of providing Customers with the best tips and advices for a successful, rapid and secure installation.

How long does it take to complete the training?

The average duration of the training is 40 minutes. It is possible to start the training and then finish later. A backup recording is made automatically.

Your password entry failed?

Make sure to empty your browser cache and disable automatic password-save features in the browsers and software you use to access the Internet. Reset your password.

What do we have at the end of the training?

A certificate of achievement is issued once the training is complete. Note that the name on the certificate will be the same you entered at the registration step.

Unable to watch the video?

Contact us immediately or send an email to: info@megasecur.com

Do I have access to all trainings?

Yes, access to our e-learning gives you full access to all the trainings available.

Can I make the training outside your working hours?

Yes, the training is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to do in the event of a tear?
In the event of a tear, you can easily and quickly repair the barrier, even during use. Feel free to contact us for further information.
What is the recommended way to store the barrier?
We do recommend to store the barrier in its carrying bag or a crate. Always keep the barrier away from UV rays to prevent damages.


How to clean the barrier?
It is recommended to clean the barrier with a jet wash. Use any disinfectant soap to eliminate bacteria. The Velcro must be cleaned properly so that the barriers can be re-joined effectively. Let dry completely before folding back to prevent unpleasant odors.


What is the difference between the three models?
Water-Gate dams are made in three different models:
  • WL Series is dedicated to flood protection and is equipped with a weighted ballast bag that is sewn directly onto the front bib. This ballast bag creates a uniform weight across the length of the dam and molds to the shape of the terrain to limit seepage.
  • WA Series is for temporary cofferdams, aquatic works, fire water run-off. It enables to instantly create a dry and safe space when working in areas under water.
  • WT Series is used for spill control. It is equipped with low release holes that can be opened or closed at any time, even when in use. The main function of the release holes is to allow the barrier to contain hydrocarbons on the surface while allowing water to flow underneath.


How to interpret the different barrier coding?
The first two letters represent the height in inches.
The first two numbers represent the height in inches.
The last two numbers represent the length in feet.

Example: WL-2050 is 20 in high x 50 ft long

Can we make the e-learning in a group training session?

You can do the e-learning as a team, however, every team members must absolutely have his own secure access and complete the training by itself.

How to install the barrier in corners?
Please complete the e-learning for this point.


How and where can I buy a Water-gate dam?
You can buy our barrier by contacting us or simply sending an email to info@megasecur.com.
You can also visit our Distributors page to find the store nearest you to make an appointment.


What are our regular business hour?
From Monday to Thursday | 8:00 à 5:00 pm (Canada, East time) Friday | 8:00 to noon (Canada, East time)
Visit our Contact us page for more information about our opening hours, time zones, holidays and more.


Which means of transport do we use?
We know that an emergency situation requires a rapid response time. This is why we have implemented all the necessary means to ensure a fast delivery of our products – Land, airplane and maritime transport.
Which barrier models are FM approved?

All WL models with a height exceeding 39″ (1 m) are FM approved.

What is the use of the overflow diverter?

The overflow diverter, also called a weir or spillway, is installed on the Water-Gate water barrier and allows excess water to be directed downstream, which drains the bottom of the stream. This system replaces a heavy-duty pump and can drain 90 liters per second (1440 US gallons per minute). A plus for the environment!

In which type of spill is the WT Series effective?

The WT series is effective whether your emergency involves a run-off of harmful substances from a pipeline, fuel truck accident, train derailment, plane crash, loss of electrical transformer, oil spill, pipes damaged during excavation work or any other accidental hazmat spill.

What the use of the release holes on the WT Series?

The WT series is equipped with release holes that can be opened or closed as needed. This allows clear water to run its course while pollutants remain trapped on the surface (underflow dam/overflow dam).

How to make an FM Global installation?

The usage of wooden dowels, styrofoam, and sandbags are required to meet the FM Approved installation due to the measured leakage rate during testing.

Is a sump pump necessary?

Yes, the use of sump pumps is highly recommended.  No matter what type of barrier you use, a certain amount of water will always seep into the protected area. This is particularly true in the case of rain.

When restoring in crate, does it matter how it’s folded?

The barrier is folded into the crate in a concertina style. It needs to be repacked correctly in order to be ready for the next deployment. We recommend completing the e-learning for this use.