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Fast water spill response tactics

Oil spill tactics

2014 International Oil Spill Conference

  • Advance fast water spill response tactics

Oil companies or any environmental contractors responding in areas where major spills can occur, either pipelines, tanker overturns or other can benefit from new tools that will assist them in hard to boom water courses.

This abstract is a short presentation of Water-Gate® damming/underflow/overflow dam presented in one IOSC (International Oil Spill Conference) conference. The Water-Gate® was introduced and acclaimed for its abilities in term of Environmental Protection and Toxic Spill reduction.

Here is an excerpt:

MegaSecur® dams creating an artificial collection site

  • By Mark D. Cook, Senior Response Coordinator, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

The significant challenge of booming rivers and steams for collection of oil il finding shoreline areas with slow current for collection sites for the oil.

The site needs to be tangent to a long stretch of linear section of river to deploy the diversion boom into the collection site.

With lack of collection sites on rivers and streams, new techniques have been developed using MegaSecur® Water-Gate® portable spill Dam deployed perpendicular from the shoreline to create side dams on the rivers.

This will create low-velocity current along shorelines to collect oil from backing up water on partial segments of the river. If the stream is small enough (under 40 feet bank to bank), the entire stream can be backed up to create a slow current for collection.

The MegaSecur® Water-Gate® portable spill dams or equivalent type will not work very effective on partial river deployments if there is a lack of current velocity or no elevation drop in the river. One of these parameters is the need for the dam to create a slow quiet area along the bank of the river.

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