2017 09

Case study – Flood protection for industrial infrastructures


Natixis (BPCE Group – (French corporate and investment bank)

Paris, France

In flood situation, some buildings are at greater risk than others, but when equipped with an efficient and easy-to-use response equipment, it is now possible to face and keep control of the situation. Such is the case of Natixis, an international leading player in the financial sector.

Willing to protect its buildings located on the edge of the Quai d’Austerlitz (17th arrondissement of Paris), Natixis embarked on a major project: launching an international call for tender to select and ultimately equip itself with a flood protection device offering the best performances at the best value for money.

Completion of this project, which was still at the preliminary study stage, required the intervention of seasoned experts.This is why Natixis called Egis Eau (from Egis Group), an expert specialised in consultancy and engineering in the fields of water, environment and energy. They conducted a number of simulation with different flood levels and finally submitted recommendations including a complete and detailed mapping of Natixis installations.

A total of four (4) buildings and three (3) underground parking lots were at risk of flooding

Testimonial from Natixis first responder

« Compared to other devices that were presented to us, Water-Gate was really the ideal solution (…). You just unroll it and it deploys automatically, this is the positive side of this system » said Dominique Six, Natixis. 

He added, « Water-Gate dams are very interesting, technically and financially speaking compared to other systems. We had time restrictions and with the Water-Gate, the timing was almost cut by half. The product is innovative and it brings technical answers particularly on the flexibility and fast deployment, which help us to respond in emergency situations. »

Water-Gate, simplicity at its best

500m of flood barrier were delivered for this installation and rapid deployment crates were used, which made the experience even faster and easier. Different size and models are available on request.


A MegaSecur agent visited the site and worked with Natixis mitigation team in order to train them effectively for a successful deployment.

The photos included in this case study testify the preventive deployment carried out on the site to be protected.

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