WL Series

Flood protection like never before Part of the WL-Series, the Water‑Gate flood protection dam is specifically designed to provide full protection against flooding issues faced by cities and municipalities across the world. This unique and innovative flood response equipment combines simplicity...

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WA Series

réserves d'eau lutte incendie - water supply - cofferdams - batardeaux temporaires

Temporary cofferdams / Water supply Water-Gate WA Series use a simple yet effective design to instantaneously divert, block, or contain water in an area under water. These barriers can be used to quickly create emergency water supply / reservoirs for firefighters or instant temporary cofferdams...

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WT Series

Spill dam - Système de protection anti-déversement

The Water-Gate™ Spill Dam is a turnkey solution designed to control and prevent toxic spills in emergency situations. Its unique design confines and stops the spread of hazardous materials while creating a calm and deep zone to extract pollutants (floating or not). It is perfectly suitable for...

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Water-Plug - sewer backup prevention and protection

Prevent sewer backup with the Water-Plug solution The Water-Plug is designed to prevent and repair sewer backups. Simple and easy to set up, the water barrier helps rapidly secure the premises, limit the damage, and therefore reduce the financial and environmental impacts of sewer...

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