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Prevent sewer backup with the Water-Plug solution

The Water-Plug is designed to prevent and repair a sewer backup. Simple and easy to set up, the water barrier helps rapidly secure the premises, limit the damage, and therefore reduce the financial and environmental impacts of a sewer backup.

Sewer backups usually happen after heavy and prolonged rainfall but can also be caused by plumbing problems such as construction mishaps, broken water mains, or poorly installed valves. Regardless of the cause, sewer backups result in extensive property damage that affects cities, municipalities, and sometimes even homeowners.

The Water-Plug by MegaSecur™ is made of heavy-duty vinyl‑coated polyester with a galvanized steel chain sewn onto the base.

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Rapid response

The Water-Plug barrier is a quick fix for sewer backups without disrupting traffic, making it ideal for emergency response in urban areas.


There’s no limit to how often you can use the Water‑Plug. Made with heavy‑duty vinyl-coated polyester, the Water-Plug is designed to withstand high water pressure.

Ease of use

The Water-Plug is conical so that it deploys automatically, even if the sewer backup has already started. Simply place it over the sewer cover and watch it expand as it fills with water.

4 golden rules for a perfect installation

1- Never dig behing the barrier | 2- Use a pump to move excess water upstream of the barrier
3- Place weights in front of the barrier to reduce infiltration | 4- Make sure you do not forget any object below the barrier

Use types

Filling maneuver

Main features

The Water-Plug dam is made with heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester. A galvanized steel chain is incorporated into the base to reduce seepage and increase stability.

The Water-Plug can be used with the Water-Gate™ WL Series to prevent flooding, secure the surroundings, and have complete control over any situation.

Determine the flood dam you need



Determine the nature of the flood
Take note of the flood level of your locality



Define the potential protection perimeter
Identify the presence of obstacles (trees, walls, etc.)



Identify the lowest point of the protection path



Allow extra length when resting on a wall
Take into account the footprint of the soil



Complete the response plan with pumps, quick deployment box, additional ballast, special anchorage, etc.

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Available models

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Barriers coding explanation / Definition of terms

WL letters represent the product range, e.g.: WL for flood protection, WA for water supply/temporary cofferdam, WT for hazmat/oil spill containment.

The first two numbers (26) represent the height in inches.

The last two numbers (30) represent the length in feet.

So WL-2630 means: a WL Series barrier with 26 in height and 30 ft length.