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Hazmat Spill Response Incident Testimonial

Spill control system. Prevent the spread of hazmat material in aquatic environment. Anti-pollution system. Instant dam for Water pollution and hazmat spill response. The spill would have impacted a local drinking water

The Water-Gate portable spill dam is a first line of defense when comes the time to block the spread of the spill. Effective in shallow streams and flowing ditches or simply to replace the pipes and earth or sandbags dams for hazmat spill response. The Water-Gate is a spill control equipment that can be set in less than 5 minutes and enable to stay in control of the situation. The dam is being used by spill response experts worldwide.

Multipurpose, reusable, compact and quick deploy tool.

Professional Testimonial about Water-Gate Instant Underflow Dam

State of Kentucky, USA

 “Using the Watergate Dam in this specific instance allowed EMS (Emergency Management Specialists) to stop the flow of impacted water from traveling downstream in a matter of minutes.

The stream was about 150 yards from the spill site and was down a very steep grade and though overgrown woods.  Trying to get sand bags to the stream would have been next to impossible and I am confident it would have taken at least 3 to 4 hours to construct a typical underflow dam using sand bags and pipe.

We could not get a machine down the slope to construct a dam using surrounding soil so our only option would have been to fill sandbags at the top of the slope and walk them down (2 bags at a time).

Having the Water-Gate Dam in our arsenal allowed us to show up on site, assess the impact and stop the flow of oil downstream within 10 minutes.  The Watergate Dam remained in place for 4 days and worked flawlessly the entire time with minimal maintenance (a few sticks removed from the upstream side but that is about it).

This was a reportable spill in the state of KY and to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and both agencies were extremely happy with our efforts and the fact that we stopped the oil from heading downstream as quickly as we did.

All regulators were very impressed with the Watergate Dam as well.

It saved our client money and made EMS look great in the eyes of many.

I will continue to use the Water-Gate Dam each and every time we have an impacted waterway.        

I can truly say that the Water-Gate Dam minimized impact downstream, allowed all parties involved to have confidence that the spill was contained and allowed EMS to focus on cleaning up the source rather than chase oil downstream.”


Tim Acri, COO, Environmental Management Specialists


Spill response distributor for Water-Gate products.

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