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Water-Gate dams – Simplicity at its best

modular and self-locking water dams

Water-Gate dams are sold worldwide and meet the needs of a large and diverse clientele. Whether servicing a residential, municipal, governmental, industrial or other clientele, using the Water-Gate dikes remains unequivocal, the simplest, quickest and the most ecological solution on the market.

Versatile and ultra-resistant, our dams are built to the highest safety standards, which were established by first responders in emergency situations. They can be customized as needed.

Resistance tests carried out with the National Flood Barrier Testing & Certification Program by U.S Corps of Engineers at their testing facilities have earned us an FM Approved certification by FM Approval (one of the strictest and most stringent certifications in our Industry). Our dikes are reusable and guaranteed for 2 years against all manufacturing defects and have a 25 years lifetime.

Water-Gate dams – Installation in 3 easy steps:

No matter the application for which you use our dams, the same principle is applicable: 1- Install, 2- Deploy, 3- Let the dam do the job. It’s that easy!

Plan and choose the right model (WL, WT, WA)


Flood prevention – WL series: To prevent flooding and its devastating impacts on a building, a residence, a neighborhood or even a whole city, use the dam to encircle the area to be protected or simply install a partial protection around it. Next, deploy the WL barrier according to the required configuration. The WL serie literally prevents water from passing through the area to be protected. Its effectiveness is no longer to be proven as evidenced by the testimony of the Paxton family, satisfied customers after protecting their residence from rising flood water.

P.s. : Megasecur offers a rapid deployment crate option that allows deployment of the protection barriers over long distances in just a few minutes. The use of pumps is an essential requirement to manage infiltrations regardless of the protection system used in flood protection.

Hazmat/oil spill response – WT series: The WT serie is used for emergency response in a spill situation. It can contain or divert liquids or simply create a favorable environment for the control and recovery of floating or non-floating pollutants. The WT serie is mainly used in a ditch, a small stream or in urban environment.

Absorbent booms installed on the front of the dam makes it possible to recover all the toxic substance navigating on the surface. With this tool, a skimmer can be introduced in what was originally a few inches of flowing water. Release holes located on the lower part of the dam allow the water to continue its course while the said floating hazardous material is contained upstream. It’s use has assisted save, among other things, a local network of drinking water and thus to protect citizens as evidenced by the following testimony: Tim Accri, environmental management specialist.

Stream damming- WA series:

  • Temporary cofferdams some construction or excavation work can occur in aquatic environments (river bed, canals, lakes). That’s why the WA serie is the perfect tool for public works personnel or contractors to create a dewatered zone in aquatic environment. It’s portable feature gives it flexibility as well as easy and convenient access to sites located in remote locations or inaccessible areas. Water-Gate WA series are great for any restoration or repair work on a bridge, a hydroelectric dam, a river, a ditch, a creek, a lake, etc. A weir installed on the top of the dike allows modifying the overflow trajectory in order to voluntarily drain a specific perimeter. A Water-Gate solution signed MegaSecur Environmental Security offers an easy alternative to sandbags or heavy to manage water filled temporary systems. The diverter or weir is an accessory to channel the flow of the dammed waterbody and will replace pumps when working in a stream.
  • Water supply: Water-Gate barriers have many applications in emergency response situations and are used by fire departments, search and rescue teams. They allow the creation of reliable water supply and/or suction points using any low flow natural watercourse. This can be performed in less than 5 minutes and without any risk of the personnel, material or the environment. This solution is also valuable for agricultural or fracking purpose where water from small streams or irrigation channels can be made available for pumping.

When a water main breaks, the water pours down the street, spreading through the smallest spaces causing damages to public and private goods. MegaSecur has developed a solution that is especially adapted to this situation, the Water-Gate WL flood barrier can be deployed in no time and allows you to redirect the water to a sewer or other available area. Extinction fire water can be contained with the dams and treated after the incident is managed.

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