Flood Prevention with the Water-Gate®

Adelaide City Council – Australia

Case Study

Other than being the capital city of the state of South Australia, Adelaide is also the fifth-most populous city of Australia. Many government, commercial and financial institutions are located in the downtown and metropolitan areas.

The building shown in the pictures below was flooded on several occasions as it was built at a lower elevation. It also stands across the parkland where storm water channels run through. The overflow occurs when the drains are blocked with leaves. Adelaide City Council, responsible for the drain system and waterways, urgently purchased Water-Gate® barriers for this building since it was obligated to provide protection against flooding. Barriers were set up around the building to protect the entrances. Luckily, although there was heavy rain and floods across the state, the water did not raise high enough to open the pre-deployed barriers.

Hoping it will not flood again anytime soon, the Council is now ready to quickly respond to any flooding situations thanks to the Water-Gate® barriers.

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