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Our flood barriers combine simplicity, robustness and reliability. Furthermore, the barriers with a height of 39” (1 m) or more received the FM Approved certification from FM approval, known to have some of the highest standards in our field.

Water-Gate flood barriers require no site preparation, little or no additional material and no permanent installation.

Sold in a rolled form, simply unroll it onto the ground. The Water-Gate flood protection barriers can be put in place even if the flooding has already begun!

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Ultra-fast deployment crate for flood protection:

The Water-Gate’s fast deployment crate option allows a fast intervention on long distances in just minutes, the perfect tool for flash floods.

Several pre-attached Water-Gate flood barriers are layered in accordion and placed in a wooden or steel crate. On average, more than 300 ft. (100 m) of flood barriers are stocked inside a crate.

This fast flood prevention tool is your best ally when it comes time to protect a residential, commercial or even block of buildings. Several options are available such as; custom color, wheels and handle. The WL Series have retention heights from 6” to 60”.

Our flood protection barriers and deployment crates are reusable. Just clean the barriers with fresh water, hang to dry, join the barriers together with the Velcro attachment system and store back in its crate for future use.

Types of Applications


Main Characteristics

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Main characteristics of the WL Series:

A.  Ultra-strong PVC coated Polyester fabric resistant to abrasion for installation on any surfaces.

B. Stretched partitions to supply better adhesion on smooth surfaces.

C. Polypropylene handles to raise the extremities of the barrier in particular applications.

D. Ballast weight made of small galvanized steel plates in a polyester net, sewn on the Water-Gate.

E. Heavy duty polypropylene handles to facilitate handling.

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The flood barrier has 4 times more floor surface than the water being retained, thus 4 times more vertical thrust (or on the ground) than the horizontal thrust allowing proper adhesion. For the water to hold back the water on most surfaces such as asphalt and grass, a 2½ to 1 ratio is usually sufficient for a safe installation, therefore, the Water-Gate’s 4 to 1 ratio is much safer and the risk of slipping is unlikely. The wider the barrier, the harder it is to make it slip, we can then conclude that the Water-Gate is 33% safer than required.

  1. It will unfold and fill as the water infiltrates inside the barrier.
  2. The water pressure will completely open the barrier.
  3. The sewn in floater will allow the top part of the barrier to float and follow the motion of the incoming waves.
  4. The accumulated water pressure stabilizes the barrier in place no matter the terrain.

No need to pump water inside.

Available Models

Water-Gate WL-Series

logo haute définition FM approuverSeriesRetention LevelWidthLengthWeight
Letters = Series / First two numbers = Height / Last two numbers = Length

* Maximum FM Aproved water depth is 30 cm / 1 ft.
WL-063015 cm / 6 in58 cm / 23 in9.1 m / 30 ft19 kg / 41.8 lb
WL-143035 cm / 14 in1.42 m / 56 in9.1 m / 30 ft24 kg / 53 lb
WL-145035 cm / 14 in1.42 m / 56 in15.2 m / 50 ft39.7 kg / 87.5 lb
WL-203050 cm / 20 in1.75 m / 69 in9.1 m / 30 ft30.4 kg / 67 lb
WL-205050 cm / 20 in1.75 m / 69 in15.2 m / 50 ft50.2 kg / 110.6 lb
WL-263067 cm / 26½ in2.44 m / 96 in9.1 m / 30 ft38.6 kg / 85.2 lb
WL-265067 cm / 26½ in2.44 m / 96 in15.2 m / 50 ft62.9 kg / 138.6 lb
WL-323081 cm / 32 in3.30 m / 130 in9.1 m / 30 ft62.9 kg / 137.8 lb
WL-325081 cm / 32 in3.30 m / 130 in15.2 m / 50 ft103.9 kg / 229 lb
logo haute définition FM approuverWL-3930 *1 m / 39 in3.94 m / 155 in9.1 m / 30 ft76.8 kg / 169.4 lb
logo haute définition FM approuverWL-3950 *1 m / 39 in3.94 m / 155 in15.2 m / 50 ft126.8 kg / 279.6 lb
logo haute définition FM approuverWL-5030 *1.3 m / 50 in5.20 m / 205 in9.1 m / 30 ft117.5 kg / 259 lb
logo haute définition FM approuverWL-5050 *1.3 m / 50 in5.20 m / 205 in15.2 m / 50 ft187.7 kg / 413.8 lb
logo haute définition FM approuverWL-6030 *1.5 m / 60 in6 m / 236 in9.1 m / 30 ft123.8 kg / 273 lb
logo haute définition FM approuverWL-6050 *1.5 m / 60 in6 m / 236 in15.2 m / 50 ft204.8 kg / 451.4 lb

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