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We are proud to provide flood control accessories such as:

Weir / Transition Duct

2º dessin 3D

The ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION to PUMPS – Designed to channel the water.

The weir or transition duct is entirely made of unbreakable polyethylene. It sits on top of the Water-Gate barrier and allows you to manage the water surplus downstream while creating a dry out area. This system replaces a high flow pump and removes up to 90 liters/second (1200 Canadian gallons per minute). This weir can be installed on all Water-Gate Series and becomes an effective tool for aquatic work when paired with the WA Series. A maximum of 2 weirs per barrier is recommended and they can be installed either center or on the sides.

On top of it, it’s Eco-friendly!

BALLASTING BAG – Offers full-length uniform weight on the barrier’s bib.

Rouleau rempli 4

The ballasting bag was designed to create a uniform weight throughout the length of the barrier conforming it to the shape of the terrain on which it lays. Quick to unroll and evenly distributing the weight, it’s available in a 10 feet (3m) long roll weighing 30 pounds (13.5kg). It is most important to have a uniform weight in front of the barrier. When using the WA Series for aquatic work, available stones may be used instead of the ballasting bag while in the WL Series, sewed on ballast will do the job on its own. If no weight is available on site, the ballasting bag will be very helpful.

Stakes – Useful but unnecessary in most installations


Covered with a corrosion-resistant coating, the stakes were specially designed to retain the Water-Gate’s extremities during a wall or steep slope installation.

Stakes are useful in the following applications:

  1. To retain the extremities of the barrier (all series) when installed on a steep slope;
  2. To secure in place a WA Series barrier being installed on an extremely slippery surface (i.e.: clayey bottom);
  3. To hold a WA Series barrier with the aim of separating waters in a pond.

Types of Applications

Weir | Ballasting Bag | Stakes

Main Characteristics


DS-1200 (floater closed)     DS-1200 (floater opened)            DP-3075     

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SP-9100 (full)                  SP-0530 (empty)

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