Deployment Crates

Water-Gate storage & Quick deployment

Water-Gate provides complete and innovative flood control products, including fast deployment crates which enable a quick long distance intervention in just minutes.

Affordable and very accessible, it is simply the perfect tool for flash floods. The barrier is already a quick deployment product and the use of crates significantly increase the speed to make it the fastest system available on the market.

Efficiency and Speed

This fast flood prevention tool is your best ally when time comes to protect a residential, commercial or even a whole block of building. It enables a rapid response in emergency situation and allows you to maintain control of the situation.

Equipped with wheels that facilitate Water-Gate’s barriers transport and deployment, crates enable to cover a very long distance in record time. On average, more than 300 ft. (100m) of flood barriers are stocked inside a single crate. These crates can be set on a trailer, truck bed or directly set on a forklift.

Our quick dam flood barriers are previously attached and stacked inside the box, which eliminates the time required for unpacking, unrolling and attaching units together. No detachment is then possible, in addition, minimal workforce is required while installing the crate.

The perfect solution

When a flood occurs, all resources are mobilized to reduce flooding and limit the damages. Time factor plays a major role in this kind of situation. Therefore, good management of this parameter will enable optimizing more again the chances of restricting damages caused to property and potentially saving lives.

Water-Gate flood barrier’s users love the crates because it is the fastest deployment system on the market. Built according to our highest manufacturing standards, they enable to save time and money and are adaptable to different situations.

Our flood protection barriers and deployment crates are reusable. Just clean the barriers with fresh water, hang to dry, join the barriers together with the Velcro attachment system and store back in its crate for future use.

How it works

Water-Gate flood barriers are folded like an accordion and placed in a wooden or steel crate. Equipped with wheels or set on a forklift, the crates can thus be moved in a very safe, simple and fast way.

Several personalization options are possible, whether in term of color, size, handles or other. The WL Series have retention heights from 6” to 60”.

Types of Applications

Crates are used to accelerate water barriers installation and deployment on long distance. They can be used both in situations of sudden flooding or during preventive interventions.

Main Characteristics

  • Rapid intervention: Water-Gate barriers are readily available, unpacked and sequenced for specific site deployment.
  • Save time and money: requiring minimal manpower, long distances are covered within a short time. Time saved from these operations: unpacking, unrolling and attaching units together.
  • Minimal workforce required: operations for laying out the product are greatly simplified for coordinator because they require very few staff during deployment.
  • Maximize efficiency: a solution to facilitate emergency planning and mitigation plan execution, limits manipulation, storage space and management. Convenient for quick identification of available protection material.
  • Adaptable and reusable: adapt to residential, commercial, whole block of buildings, entrance, garage alley, underground entrance way, shoreline, etc. Keep very well and reusable when required.

Available Models

Treated wood wheel crate, for WL 14, 20, 26, 32, 39 Series:

Require a minimum of 4 workers. These crates usually weight less than 2000 lbs and are delivered on caster wheels.

Treated wood/metal forklift crate, for WL-14, 20, 26, 32, 39, 50 and 60 Series:

Require a minimum of 5 workers. These crates can be set on a trailer, truck bed, platform, directly set on an adapted forklift tractor or other means.

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