Say goodbye to sandbags

The MegaSecur Water-Gate® barrier is an innovative and high-quality tool designed to provide a lasting, fast and efficient solution to any problems of flooding, spill response, fire water-supply, cofferdams, sewer back-ups or other types of aquatic work.

The Water-Gate barrier, which is used worldwide, combines simplicity reliability and robustness and is an effective work tool that can be used as well as by fire departments, emergency management professionals, public workers, civic service, individuals, municipalities, Governments, airports, environmentalists and others.

Perfect alternative to sandbags

Sandbags are commonly used as a protection tool for flood response, yet their success and effectiveness remain questionable given the permeability of the air and sand contained in the bag. The sand bags are not watertight, so water quickly infiltrates the sand allowing flooding to run its course. In addition, they require an important execution time which could be devoted to much more useful tasks.

The main task is to fill and carry the bags, with all the difficulty and the staff that this involved.Harvesting sand, filling and transporting bags are the kind of tasks the Water-Gate® can greatly simplify in no time. The Water-Gate® requires less staff for its installation. Indeed, only one individual can deploy a barrier unit within 5 minutes (eg.: WL-3950).

Replace up to 770 sandbags with a single Water-Gate barrier (when using a WA-2835). This solution is definitely less expensive and more environmentally friendly than sandbags.

Reusable flood barriers

Sandbags are very unlikely to be reused after first use. In practice, they become moldy and release a bad smell because they are always impregnated with polluted water (wastewater, rivers). In addition, the bags remain installed, in some cases several months after the flood occurs.

The Water-Gate barrier is reusable, deploys with the incoming flood and can be installed in less than 5 minutes. They can attach together. Fast deployment crates allow covering very long distances in just minutes.

Height of retention

The Water-Gate® retention capacity varies between 6in (15.2cm) and 60in (152.4cm), the length of units lies between 30ft (9.1m) and 50ft (15.2m) and the weight between 41,8lbs (18.9kg) and 451,4lbs (204,7kg) all depending on the model chosen.

FM Approved certification

Water-gate® anti-flooding barriers are certified “FM approved” (one of the most rigorous and important in its field) by FM Approvals. This certification was established in collaboration with the Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM), FM approvals and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers.

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