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Is the Water-Gate barrier watertight?

Watertightness increases with the flood height and the pressure exerted by the liquid on the floor fabric.

The leakage rate is less than 1.06 Gallon (U.S) per min. and per lenear meter on smooth floor (concrete type).

If this leakage rate is considered to be too great, it is possible to reduce it considerably by spreading under the leading edge a seal of mastic or silicone cartridge type, or natural products of molasses type. Viscous material in order to increase the adherence of the barrier on the ground and fill the micro cracks.

Watertighness depends on the soil condition (the smoother the soil the better the watertighness) and on his draining effect (important for the long-term floods).

Leakage rate generally determined by rough floor type, without additional leakage measurement.

Concrete or recent coating < coated

Concrete damaged < pavers < grass < soil < sand < gravels < stones < 2.64 Gallon (U.S) per min

What height of water can the dam retain?

It all depends on the model you choose. We provide barriers from 6-79 inches.

The first 2 digits on each dams correspond to the maximum water retention in inches.

Exemple : WL-20 is equivalent to 20 inches of retention.

The dam is effective from the first inche of water.

Thanks to the ridge edge and the blocking walls, the protection level adjusts upwards as well as downwards.

Are the Water-Gate barriers available for rent?

We have limited stock  for this use.

Please contact us to consider this possibility.

Do you offer overseas delivery service? What are the usuals delivery delay?

Depending of the order and the state of our stocks in Europre, the dams are delivered on average within two (2) open days.

It takes 30 days for factory orders.

Does the barrier need a minimal flood height to work?

There is no minimal height. The barrier works from the first water centimeter.

It is the water pressure that causes the dam to open and not the flow or the flood speed.

What is the Water-Gate average lifetime?

15-20 years in average.

Is the dam resistant to impacts (waves, winds, objects, etc)?

Is the dam resistant to impacts? (waves, winds, objects, etc)

Once installed, the Water-Gate barrier is resistant to waves, winds, objects and every kind of impacts.

The wave movement can cause a slight overflow. Resistance to waves and impacts has been tested by the US Army.

Soft and resistant, Water-Gate is incredibly resilient. It absorbs the energy collision and return to its original shape.


Can the dam retain a mudflow?

Indeed, any flood carries a more or less quantity of sediment.

Mud does not modify the dam stability or efficiency, even in large quantities.

What happens if the flood comes in suddenly?

Water-Gate barriers are particulary well-suited for flash floods.

The leading edge of the dam is weighted. The flooding flow is submerged to the bottom of the barrier and literraly « nails it to the ground ».

During the demonstration tests, the barriers resist to the pressure of a fire lance. In other words, it will be effective in almost all cases.

What maximum length of protection can be achieved?

Water-Gate barriers are produced in induviduals lengths varying from 15-50 ft.

All dams can be tied together regardless the size or category, thanks to velcro jaws. It is then possible to extend the protection length indefinitely without loss of efficiency.

Water-gate enable to deploy hundreds of meters (docks, streets, railwat tracks, building contours, dikes elevation, river cofferdam, etc.) very quickly.

All courses are possible including the complex ones.

Do you often plan on-site visits or demonstrations?

Our advisors can move throughout Europe depending on their projects and availability.

It is also very easy to organize a product demonstration to convince you of the effectiveness of the Water-Gate solution.

Who are your clients?

MegaSecur is proud to meet the needs of  a vast and diversified clients.

Our products are dedicated to Public institutions, municipalities, cities, military forces/Army, large companies, SMEs, Very small business. Resident associations, individuals and more.


Our applications

Flood control | Spill response | Emergency response | Cofferdam

Our products

Flood barrier (WL-Series) | Deployment crate | Accessories | Spill response (WT series) | Cofferdam (WA series) | Water-Plug

Benefits of our products

  • Flood barriers (WL Series)

    FM approved certification / Requieres little or no additional material / No site preparation / Quick and easy installation / Reusable

  • Spill responses (WT Series)

    Use to dam a stream / Block a spill and control the release of clean water flow downstream / Allow interventions in small rivers / Lightweight / Limit toxic spills / Allow to contain spill before spreading

  • Stream damming, Cofferdam (WA series)

    Enable to create a water supply in no time / Reliable / Resistant / Easy deployment / Allow to contain clean water without rubble / Reusable

  • Ultra-fast deployment crates

    Enable to cover very long distance in just minutes / Makes barriers much easier and quicker to deploy / Custom-made/solid and ultra-resistant construction

  • Water-Plug

    Remedy sewer (manhole) backups / Fast and simple to use, just deploy and position it over the manhole / Its conical shape makes it deploy automatically even if the backup has already started


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