Inundation in progress – installation of a protection barrier

Duparquet, Quebec

Case study

May 4th 2013

6:00 pm :  The MegaSecur Environmental Security Inc. team receives a call  from a panicking woman. Her house is about to be flooded, she can receive assistance from the local firefighters but they do not have any means to protect it.

6:30 pm :  The team agreed to drive for 11 hours  in order to bring the necessary Water-Gate® flood barriers to protect their home.

May 5th 2013

7:00 am :  The MegaSecur team is there to help. The flooding has begun and even though it has entered the house, it has not reached the access to the basement.

7:30 am :  Three (3) 50′ barriers were unrolled and attached together in a dry zone and then pulled around the house with the help of the firefighters. Ballast bags were disposed of along the anti-flood barriers to avoid that the barrier float during the pumping operations.

8:00 am :  The pumping begins by means of submersible pumps on house side.

9:00 am :  The contour of the house is now dry while the flood water keeps on rising.

The Water-Gate® flood barriers will remain in place several days until the retreat of the flood water.

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