Shaping the future

An industrial designer by trade, Daniel Déry is a visionary who is both passionate about innovation and creation. In January 1998, he tried his luck at business and created his first company which he called MegaSecur. The first prototype of what would become the Water-Gate barrier was created.

It All Starts

The idea came to his mind one New Year’s Day, when he was comfortably installed in his living room, riveted to his television to watch the retrospective of the significant events of 1997. Among the events that made history that year, there was the flood caused by the overflow of the Red River, in Manitoba (one of the biggest Canadian disasters). Seeing hundreds of soldiers and civilians fill and stack astronomical quantities of sandbags to block the threatening waters, an idea instantly popped into his head.

In an instant, he finds

A thought occurred to him at the time: “Why not use long empty plastic bags, linked side by side and topped by a large float?”so the water would go into the bags, fill them and stop the flooding by creating a dam made with water instead of sand.” No need to fill thousands of sandbags, to find the energy, the resources (material, human, financial) and the time devoted to this tedious exercise…

The Beginning

Determined with the will to create a product that could help thousands of people, the industrial designer Daniel Déry produced, the very same day the idea came to him, his first prototype. As his project became clearer and clearer, he produced a makeshift model in the kitchen sink and the tests were conclusive enough to continue the process. Faced with the scale of the project, he decided to devote himself entirely to this new challenge. Its primary objective quickly becomes the manufacture of water barriers which will be distributed all over the world in order to fight one of the greatest global scourges: floods.

After careful consideration, he decided on the name of his product, which he would baptize the “Water-Gate” water barrier.