Our history

A Major Challenge

The Water-Gate water barrier has won numerous distinctions and awards (around the world) over time for its originality, concept and manufacturing.

MegaSecur today enjoys a more than enviable reputation and is considered the world leader in flexible, portable and self-locking barriers.

Opening of a corporation in the United States for the development of a new business entity.

Development of a new product in environmental security to fight fire.

Merger of companies (factory and administration) under one roof/name: MegaSecur. More than 25 people work there.

Obtained the highest FM Global certification (granted by U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center) for the Water-Gate Flood barrier.

The “Industrie Vitex” manufacturing plant (a subsidiary of MegaSecur) was created and moved to new premises in Victoriaville. First seamstress hired.

Increased efforts to improve the anti-flood product and develop different heights. Sale of a 1st barrier (WL-0630) to the City of Montreal.

Canvassing of partners in the realization of the product (subcontracting), opening of an office for MegaSecur, 1st sale at SOPFEU, hiring of a representative, marketing and setting up of a distribution network.

Entrepreneur in the making in environmental security (idea, design, analysis and research, tweaking of the design, choice of material, assembly and production, prototypes, patents) for a product called “Water-Gate”.

MEGASECUR overview

21 years of experience

+ 20 applications for the product

21 countries served

99% satisfied customers

+125 km of barriers sold