Our plant

Manufactured and distributed from Canada

Proudly manufactured and distributed from Canada

All MegaSecur products (Water-Gate barriers and other accessories) are designed, developed, created and distributed to our network from our manufacturing plant in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada.

No Compromise on Quality

Each product is rigorously inspected during the manufacturing process. Some manufacturing information is collected by employees via digital tablets, which accompany each manufacturing step. A “Compliant Quality” seal and a unique identification number are affixed to each product.

All of our suppliers are aware of the need to provide raw materials of constant quality. These are regularly analyzed and their reliability is rigorously tested. We choose not only a material that meets our highest quality standards but also its availability and packaging.

PROCESS Optimization

Our factory plan continuously analyzes and optimizes processes. Our research and development centre designs and develops technological tools aimed at increasing productivity. Control of manufacturing costs is always harmonized in favour of product quality. Our factory is audited by FM GLOBAL, the American world leader in property damage insurance. Since some of our products have the highest and most noble certification in the industry, FM APPROVED, it goes without saying that the organization in charge must analyze and validate specific manufacturing processes on a periodic basis.

(Our certified products are: WL-3930, WL-3950, WL-5030, WL-5050, WL-6030, WL-6050)


From the Velcro cutting to the electronic cutting of all the parts of the product component, everything is automated. Compliance, speed and new technology to perform this repetitive work of great importance, what more could you ask for? All our products are manufactured from industrial drawings, guaranteeing their uniformity. Each product is individually and rigorously inspected, all stages of production are recorded in a register and a unique serial number is affixed to it. In addition, plant employees have been trained in the use of electronic tablets that are used to control the production process. Digital and robotics: the two essential conditions for ensuring continuous production in this avant-garde factory.

Beware of

Imitations of our Water-Gate products have emerged under other brands, but never equalled the quality or performance of the real product. Beware of imitations because security is priceless!

We jealously protect our manufacturing secrets, the fruit of many years of experimentation. We are committed to protecting our customers and the communities in which we work. If in doubt about a product with a similar appearance, please do not hesitate to contact us.