Who we are

Shaping the Future

MegaSecur is the sole manufacturer and main distributor of the Water-Gate water barrier. Our head office is located in Victoriaville (Quebec), Canada.

A leader in integrated water management solutions since 1998, the company quickly became the largest manufacturer of flood & spill emergency response systems in the world. Wanting to provide high-quality products and services, MegaSecur is committed to innovation and safety in the manufacturing of its products, which makes it a leader in its field of expertise.


To effectively serve our different markets with a view to sustainable growth and environmental respect. To provide our customers with high quality products and services, offering a simple, ecological and integrated solution in response to water management (problems related to floods, toxic spills, the creation of temporary cofferdams, water reserves fire and carrying out aquatic works).


To be and remain the world benchmark in the field of environmental security, the ultimate goal of which is to actively contribute to the security and protection of individuals and communities here and elsewhere.

At the Heart of Our Commitments


MegaSecur’s intrinsic factor is the quality and safety of its products. Since the complete satisfaction of our customers is an integral part of our concerns, the company relies on products that meet and even exceed expectations in terms of durability and operational efficiency. Several other human values are an integral part of the corporate culture, including respect, listening, collaboration and autonomy.